Why Some Folks Are Gonna Kick Themselves for Not Watching Dollhouse

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Now, I rarely stand up and tell people they’re going to have one of those “smack yourself in the forehead” moments. I know everyone’s tastes are different. Far be in from me to tell someone that they’re going to regret anything.

But those folks who gave up on Dollhouse after a couple episodes of Season 1 — you’re gonna have that moment if you choose to watch it later. These past 6 episodes (the double header December ones) have brought it.. and brought it hard.

And I know the feeling, I had a horrible, “why didn’t I watch this show when it was on the air” feeling when I finished Firefly. I know many of you had the same. Yet, I could chalk it up to never knowing the show existed (my family watched every crazy scifi show out there during that time — and we totally missed it would even be on).

Yet, I wasn’t that way when I started watching Firefly. Don’t shoot me but I thought the pilot (yes, the real one.. Serenity) was boring. I couldn’t see why my friend was raving and raving about it. Couldn’t grasp why he kept looking at me with those big huge “isn’t this the best thing you ever watched” eyes. In fact, it was a lot of months before I watched another episode of Firefly, because I didn’t get hooked.

Same thing with Buffy, I watched it after that first episode of Firefly… but merely out of sheer boredom. I didn’t have cable. My boyfriend at the time loved Sarah Michelle Geller and I needed to know why.

And now, of course, I get it. Yes, I’m an unabashed Joss Whedon fan. Yes, if he put out a video called “Joss Whedon’s Lets Watch Paint Dry” I would probably watch it and write fanfic about it. But this, this is something more.

Dollhouse is gone after these next few episodes. I have accepted that, I have mourned that, I have moved on from that. But after seeing last night’s episodes I can’t believe there are some of my fellow fans who did not strap in for the entire ride. Not because I’m mad at them, I get it – there’s lots of great TV out there to keep you occupied. But this? This wasn’t just great TV… this was art. This was taking people and characters and turning them inside out and then back side in. It was a social, political, people commentary without the blatantly obvious plot lines and blue folks (sorry James Cameron.. but I get it….. you don’t need to preach at me).

This show was magic. I have already declared that Enver Gjokaj (Victor) is quite possibly the best actor on the planet. I’m going to remove the possibly and say he is. So if you’re not watching I am sorry. Sorry you missed the payoff, sorry you missed the seasons that might have been. ‘Cuz Dollhouse just stole my heart and it was awesome.