Lauren Conrad Fall Style

In honor of Fall Fashion, here’s a YouTube video of Lauren Conrad talking about her new line (available starting tomorrow at Kohls). I love that she brings out the California style (since that’s my state) and the effortlessness of fashion (at a reasonable price). It’s always great to see passionate folks getting to talk about their creative outlet – and Fashion is one of those outlets that intrigues me.

How about you? Doing some Fall shopping this month?

Who Watches the Watches?

Seiko-Watch-Kinetic-SKA251In this day and age watches are no longer a necessity, but instead, they are a fashion accessory. Since I carry my cellphone everywhere it’s become my new watch. But I still love occasionally wearing my Emily Strange watch because it represents me – black and red, a black cat (like my cat Myboyfriend) and a quirky 13 instead of 12 at the top).

So now I think of watches as personality statements, much like jewelry or shoes. So when I think of buying a watch as a present I want something that represents the person. When asked me to write about their Seiko Kinetic watches, I had a lot of fun trying to match a watch to a person in my life. I, of course, started thinking birthdays and Christmas. Something timeless to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday perhaps. A beautiful watch to commemorate his years of life and love.

When I think about the time my Grandpa Bill has seen, it’s fairly amazing. He’s gone through a World War, seen the rise and fall of Communism in Russia, gone from listening to the radio for entertainment, to the TV, to the internet. He’s seen phones numbers go from KLondike 5-3247 to calling Jenny at 867-5309. He’s gone from the days where Humphry Bogart was the on screen hero/tough guy to Harrison Ford to “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson.

With all of this, of course a watch would make a perfect present. How about you? What situation or person would you buy a watch for?

Revo Offers Recycled Eyewear Featuring Eco-Friendly Revo Re-Use Technology

Revo __ Revo Offers Recycled Eyewear Featuring Eco-Friendly Revo Re-Use(TM) TechnologySource

Performance eyewear maker, Revo, has long been recognized for its industry-leading polarized lenses and advanced, lightweight frame materials. Today, Revo continues its legacy of innovation by offering recycled eyewear featuring new Revo Re-Use technology.

At Revo, sustainable and eco-friendly practices are a major initiative. This commitment to the environment is exemplified through Revo Re-Use technology which is incorporated into select frames within the new Revo Polarcast collection. The result is an assortment of unisex sunglasses that are precision molded from 100% recycled pre-consumer nylon plastics. Available in five stylish frames with eleven total colorways, the Revo Re-Use line is one of the largest collections of recycled eyewear on the market.

Designed to have a big impact on the eyes with little impact on the environment, all Revo Re-Use frames feature proprietary Revo Polarcast lens technology which is the result of several optical innovations. It begins with shatter proof lenses made from Serilium(TM), the purest form of polycarbonate available. Every Revo lens receives three coatings – a selective wavelength attenuation coating which allows usable light to pass through the lens while blocking glare from haze, fog or other forms of diffused light; an anti-reflective coating to eliminate light that bounces off the inside of the lens; and Revo’s exclusive Element Shed(TM) coating to ensure dust, sand and water will roll off the surface of the lens. To reduce eyestrain and promote high-grade optical clarity, all Revo lenses are infusion molded into a single layer of material.

In addition to recycled frame material and unparalleled lens polarization, Revo Re-Use(TM) sunglasses are also a step ahead when it comes to fit. A patented Motion Fit(TM) system positions sunglasses to ideal locations on the nose and ears which maximizes comfort by eliminating unwanted pressure points.

To further extend its commitment to sustainability, Revo has partnered with global water advocate, Alexandra Cousteau, and mountaineer, Jimmy Chin. Serving as brand ambassadors, Alexandra and Jimmy represent a new generation of visionaries who are dedicated to making a difference with their involvement in key environmental and social programs around the world.

Throughout the month of August, select Sunglass Hut stores will feature an exclusive advertising campaign featuring Revo brand ambassadors, Alexandra Cousteau and Jimmy Chin. Additionally, Revo Re-Use(TM) sunglasses are now available at all Sunglass Hut locations nationwide. Find out more at