Movie Review: Nature of the Beast

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Looking for a fun, comedy/supernatural movie?  Now available on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment, Nature of the Beast is the movie for you.

With a mix of the funny and the sweet, Nature of the Beast makes it a popcorn flick that actually has a well-written storyline. Starting with the basic idea that “every man is hiding something,” this film takes a hilarious look at the problems with living with a werewolf. Will Julia still marry her beloved Rich when she finds out that three days out of the month Rich is a true monster?

Nature of the Beast stars Eddie Kaye Thomas, (American Pie movies, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle), Autumn Reeser (“The O.C.,” “Pushing Daisies”), Eric Mabius (“Ugly Betty,” “CSI: Miami”).  Since I was a big fan of Eric I was happy to see him in the film. His role isn’t a huge part of the movie, but it’s a good one.

It’s a hard to balance the funny and the serious emotional moments, but Nature of the Beast does so beautifully. There’s no point where the movie seems slow or too over the top, and the supporting cast makes the film even funnier. I especially love that they keep the actual werewolf shots to a minimum (especially at the beginning of the movie) it adds to the mysterious air of the movie.

Nature of the Beast is definitely a great film and one that you should definitely pick up for your next movie night.

Movie/DVD Review: Splinter


Over the years, the Horror genre has been dismissed by film snobs as nothing more than an indulgence in excessive, shallow pleasures by violence and gore obsessed individuals who feed on screams, despair and bloodshed. Admittedly, so much of it is often derivative, cheap and uninspired. However, innovation and care can still occasionally be found within the dark recesses of this mostly misunderstood form of storytelling. Case in point, Splinter.
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