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Yes Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast Episode#07 “The Man in Number 9”

9gsyawq1_mn5dyqIn episode 7 of Bates Motel titled The Man in Number 9, Norma comes clean with Sheriff Romero, he comes up with his own version of the story. Norman finds a stray dog. A creepy guest shows up to stay at the Bates Motel. Norma tries to network with a local business woman and gets shut down. Emma takes Norma to see who Bradley is. Norma confronts Norman about his relationship with Bradley and Norman goes to Bradley’s house and gets shut down. Join Em and Sue as they recap these events and more in this episode of Yes, Mother Podcast.

Yes Mother Podcast: episode #06 “The Truth”

imageIn episode 6 of Bates Motel entitled The Truth some exciting stuff happens. Norman stops Norma from going to Shelby’s house and confronting him about the sex slave, Jaio. Dylan gets an unexpected promotion which upsets a coworker of his. Dylan and Norman find Keith Summer’s belt and dump it in the harbor. Shelby finds out Jaio is at the motel and there is a deadly showdown at the Bates’ house. And we finally find out what really happened the night Norman’s dad, Sam, died. Join Emily and Sue as they recap this action packed episode of A&E’s Bates Motel.

Yes Mother Podcast, Bates Motel episode #05 “Ocean View”

bates-motel-s01e05-ocean-view_1098764In episode 5 Ocean View of Bates Motel Norma gets bailed out of jail.  Norman and Norma fight a lot.  Norman tells Emma he found the girl in Shelby’s basement and he tells Emma he slept with Bradley.  Emma tries to explain the difference between a hookup and a relationship.  Ethan gets shot and Dylan gets revenge on the guy who shot him.  Dylan tells Norman he got his own place and he wants Norman to come live with him.  And Shelby saves the day and the murder charges against Norma get dropped.  Norman and Emma find the girl and take her to the motel and Norma finds out Norman was right about Shelby and the girl.  Listen along as Emily and Sue recap and discuss this plot moving along episode of Bates Motel.

Oh, and Norman and Dylan take an adorable motorcycle ride.

Yes, Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast. Episode 4 “Trust Me”


We found out season 2 of Bates Motel is starting on March 3, which is a couple of weeks before we thought, so we are going to crank these out so we can be finished with season 1 before season 2 starts.

In episode 4 “Trust Me” we find out that Bradley’s father dies.  Norman proves to be a great comfort to Bradley in her time of grief and they end up in Bradley’s bed in what Emily and Sue find as an odd but kind of sweet scene.  We find out Dylan followed Norman to Shelby’s house the night he broke in and thanks to quick thinking, Dylan was able to distract Shelby while Norman escaped out the basement window.   Deputy Shelby attempts to bond with Norman and takes him fishing at his secret fishing spot. Norman tells Norma about the girl he found in Shelby’s basement and she informs Norman that he sometimes sees and hears things that aren’t really there.

A fisherman finds Keith Summer’s severed hand in his fishing net.  Norma is brought into Sheriff Romero’s office to answer more questions about Keith Summer’s death and Norma is not very cooperative.  Dylan and Norman have another bonding experience when Norman tells Dylan all about Keith Summer’s death and the girl he found in Shelby’s basement.  The episode ends with Norma getting arrested for Keith Summer’s death.

Listen along as Emily and Sue recap this exciting episode of Bates Motel.

Yes Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast, episode 3, “What’s Wrong With Norman?”

Sorry we are a little late getting our latest episode up, but a little thing called Christmas got in the way. We hope everyone had a great holiday season! Now that it is over Emily and Sue are getting back on track and looking forward to putting out new episodes. Enough about that. In episode 3 of Bates Motel we found out Dylan gets a job helping guard the massive pot field that is running the towns economy. Norman and Emma play detective and find more proof in one of the motel rooms that the girl in the journal is real. Norman faints in Ms. Watson’s class and ends up in the hospital. Dylan and Norman have a bonding moment. Sherrif Romero gets a warrant to search the Bates’ house. We find out Norman kept Keith Summer’s belt and hid it under his bed. Shelby finds the belt and doesn’t tell anyone except Norma. Shelby and Norma get it on and Norman dissaproves. Norman hallucinates a conversation with Norma about getting the belt back from Shelby and the episode ends with Norman breaking into Shelby’s house to look for the belt and instead finds a girl locked up in his basement. Get your vapor couch ready and listen in as Emily and Sue discuss this very exciting episode of Bates Motel.

Yes Mother Podcast Episode #02 – “Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”


In episode 2 of Bates Motel we meet Dylan, Norma’s older son and Norman’s half brother. We see right away that Dylan and Norma do not get along the way Norma and Norman do. Norma gives Sheriff Romero even more reasons to suspect her in the disappearance of Keith Summers. Norma tries to get close to Deputy Shelby which seems to upset Norman. Norma finds out from Deputy Shelby that the town is a little weird and things don’t run like other towns do. Norman has another “episode” and attacks Dylan. Emma comes over to study with Norman and borrows the diary Norman finds in the motel room. Emma has the diary interpreted and tells Norman that it is about sex trafficking and there might be a body buried in the woods. Emma and Norman go on a hike to find where the body is buried and they run across a big pot field and then get chased by men with guns. The episode ends with a body hanging upside down on fire in the middle of town.

Join Emily and Sue as they recap the episode, talk about not only what they have been watching but some podcasts they like as well. And don’t forget the spoiler section at the end, so if you are new to this series you may want to skip that.

Yes Mother Podcast Episode #01- First You Dream, Than You Die


Hey horror fans! The podcast where we cover the pilot episode is now available!

Episode 1 of Bates Motel does not waste any time introducing us to the Bates family and the world they live in. The episode begins with Norman finding his father dead in the garage and then jumps to 6 months later with Norman and Norma moving into the iconic Psycho house. The action doesn’t stop there! Norma is attacked by a very unhappy previous owner of the property, there is a murder and we see some pretty creepy interactions between mother and son. Listen along as Emily and Sue recap and discuss the episode, talk about what they are currently watching and introduce the “What the Bip” segment. What the bip is that you ask? You will just have to listen to the bippin episode to find out. There is also a spoiler segment at the very end, so be warned! If you are watching season 1 of Bates Motel for the first time and listening along, you may want to avoid the spoiler section.

Introducing a new podcast! “Yes, Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast”

imageWelcome to episode one of the Yes Mother Podcast. A podcast about the A&E show, Bates Motel, which is a modern day imagining of the story of Norman Bates and his mother in the early days. This podcast is hosted by Emily and Sue, a couple of sisters (literally sisters) who love this show and love podcasts, so it was a no brainer to start this. Emily already does a podcast, The McKinley Cast about the TV show Freaks and Geeks. Sue has never done a podcast but listens to a lot of them.

In this episode you are introduced to the hosts, kind of, we talk about the show and why we like it so much. We talk about some of the cast and we go over a little about what we are going to talk about in the upcoming episodes. We also have a little discussion about what we are currently watching. You can send us any feed back at, also you can join our Facebook group (and it would be really cool if you did, because we just made it and we are the only members, so that is really sad).