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IdjitCast Ep #001 – The Pilot

Don't let the blood drip on the baby!

Monica and Paul have actually started watching Supernatural! Listen as we discuss the pilot… a lot. Like, for an hour and a half. Don’t worry, folks, future episodes won’t be quite so long.

At one point I’m discussing cover art. Here it is to compare and discuss:










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IdjitCast Ep #000 – IdjitCast debuts!

They look like a boy band, I had to use it!

Episode 0 is finally here, introducing Allie, Paul, and Monica before they get to watching “Supernatural.” What do they think the show’s going to be like? Click the download link to find out.

Note from editor: I was going to include a link to the promotional video I show the newbies in this, but it has been taken down and I can’t find the same one somewhere else. It was to a Dave Matthews Band song, if any of you original viewers remember it.