11 Big Reasons to watch Big Brother

Big Brother is a reality show that comes around every summer, and one winter during the writer’s strike.  They stick a number of people in a house and let them fight it out until the summer’s end.  Well, sort of.

This year’s Big Brother begins July 9th.  Check out the details at http://www.cbs.com/primetime/big_brother/

Since this is season 11, here are 11 reasons you should watch Big Brother this summer.

1. Something to do for the Summer

Big Brother is on during the summer, when there isn’t a lot of original programming on television.  You can put as much or as little time into Big Brother as you want.  There’s the live feeds, which you can watch 24/7, except during certain competitions and lockdowns.  There’s even a Big Brother talk show, called House Calls where Gretchen Massey discusses what happened on the show.  Or you can just watch the show on TV, three nights a week.

2. The Game

It’s really all about the game.  The winner of Big Brother wins half a million dollars.  Some people will do anything for the money and others put friendships they’ve only had for three months first.  Dr. Will Kirby, who is in my opinion the best Big Brother player ever, told people from the beginning that he would lie to all of them, which he did.  Most everyone still believed him when he promised them things, to which he of course broke those promises.  He ended up winning season 2 and got to the final four in an All-Stars season.

3. The Crazy Competitions

Big Brother has competitions for food, Head of Household, Power of Veto, and Luxuries in the house.  These competitions are truly crazy.  They usually involve costumes and something really messy.  They’ve had to search through spaghetti, crawl through honey, and dig through garbage.  You never know what the next competition will hold.

4. Lots of Drama

There is always drama in the BB house.  People get nominated for eviction, so the contestants are forced to campaign against each other to stay in the house.  This causes a lot of fights, backstabbing, and lies- all good quality television.

5. Twists and Turns

You never know what will happen on BB.  One person wins Head of Household, which give them the privilege of nominating two people for nomination.  However, there is always the Power of Veto, which, if won, can take one person off the “chopping block.”  This power can change the game dramatically.  It is a game of strategy, but is sometimes just luck.
6. The Relationships

Now, this isn’t just romantic relationships, though there are those as well.  There has been a father and daughter, brother and sister, and exes in the house.  Usually these people come into the game without prior knowledge that the other person is coming in as well.  And of course there are the summer “showmances.”

7. Wild Personalities

You have to possess a very unique personality to make it on Big Brother.  These personalities are sure to clash, as everyone wants the attention.  Some of these “out there” personalities will drive you completely nuts as you watch, while you’ll fall in love with others.

8. You Never Know Who Might Show Up

During season 7 of BB, Neil Patrick Harris showed up in the Big Brother house to play Santa Claus for the day.  NPH actually really likes the show and told me at Comic Con last year that I should watch the British version as well.

9. Morality

Most seasons there are contestants who come into the game with a firm stance that they will not lie because they are religious.  These are usually the people who end up lying the most.  It is a look at human nature to watch this show, just to see how people react in such a strange situation.  Who is willing to lie and who is not?  Many say lying is part of the game, others lie and don’t even realize they’ve done it.  Some of them lie so much they don’t know what they’ve said to whom.

10. Big Brother Slop

Big Brother Slop is a terrible concoction of grains.  It’s a bit like oatmeal, though not as tasty.  If a group loses the food competition, they can only eat Slop for the week.  They can have certain condiments to try and make it taste better.  Hungry people get grouchy, which makes for much entertainment.

11. America’s Choice

Sometimes there will be an America’s Choice question that the viewing audience gets to vote on.  Most of the time it will be something like who gets a phone call to loved ones, but there have been two season where there was an America’s Player.  The audience got to vote and tell this person what to do in the game.  One of them actually won, though the choices America made lost the game for the other one.

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