Podcast One Episode Review: New Fiction Writers

So, I’ve been so busy trying to get my MA and then MFA done that I’ve really slacked off in being part of the podcast community. I missed the early days of podcasting when people would jump on each other’s shows and really get involved with promoting, listening, and commenting on each other’s shows. Thankfully, Podcast Junkie (Megan), started a new Facebook group called Podcast Community to help recapture that feeling.

In honor of that I decided to start writing up some reviews of the various podcasts I’ve learned about through the community. These are going to be based on listening to the “latest” episode when I visit their website. Hopefully this helps spur some interest and helps readers find some new podcasts to join, comment on and enjoy. If you are a podcast listener make sure to hug your favorite podcaster (and by hug I mean leave a comment, review or email).

Podcast One Episode Review #3 – New Fiction Writers
Episode Reviewed The Order of the Benevolent Souls, Part 1 by Duane O’Shaunnessy

Where to listen:
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/new-fiction-writers/id380856699?mt=
Website: http://newfictionwriters.com/

New Fiction Writers is a great place for a mix of general discussion about writing and audio fiction. It’s also a fantastic place for new writers to get their stories out to a larger audience. I really love the idea that they’re open to almost any genre.

The episode I listened to started with the hosts bantering about writing, and their lives (which for this episode took up about 20 minutes). For those who may not be interested in the banter it’s easy to fast forward through to get to the story.

Now, I can’t speak to all of the stories, since I’m only listening to one episode, but I really loved “The Order of the Benevolent Souls” by Duane O’Shaunnessy. It really came to life thanks to the talents of the reader, J.G.Langejans. There were a couple of flubs that missed the edit, but on the whole the editing was very well done. I loved the musical touches. A bad narrator can kill a great story, but J.G. did a fantastic job with this great vampire tale (which has some great touches/ideas that were new to me).

I highly recommend the podcast if you’re looking for some new fiction! Or if you’re a writer who is looking for a new place to submit your own stories (submit here: http://newfictionwriters.com/content/submit-story)

Other recommendations:
Listening Order: Unless it seems to be a connected story, most recent and go back.
Average Episode Length: Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.