The Psych Analysis Podcast #001 – Review of Season 1 Episode 1: The Pilot

Welcome the the first episode of “The Psych Analysis Podcast,” where we go episode by episode and review the USA Network TV show Psych. In this episode Kim, Tabz, Heidi and Dan discuss the pilot episode of Psych, figure out who that one actor is that wears sunglasses and acts with them, and discuss the relative merit and rules of playing detective along at home.


Intro – Les Howard from “The Signal Recap – Sarah Robertson from Firefly Between the Lines

Episode Trivia from IMDb – Frank Ramblings from Echo Alert and Tech Ramblings

Where do I Know You From? – John Pavlich from Sofa Dogs and Castlecast

Episode Shout Outs thanks to The Official Psych Reference Thread SPOILERS! – Brian Brown from Slice of SciFi

Theme song: “I Think You Think You Don’t Like Me” by Beatnik Turtle


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