Podcast One Episode Review: Time Shifters Podcast

So, I’ve been so busy trying to get my MA and then MFA done that I’ve really slacked off in being part of the podcast community. I missed the early days of podcasting when people would jump on each other’s shows and really get involved with promoting, listening, and commenting on each other’s shows. Thankfully, Podcast Junkie (Megan), started a new Facebook group called Podcast Community to help recapture that feeling.

In honor of that I decided to start writing up some reviews of the various podcasts I’ve learned about through the community. These are going to be based on listening to the “latest” episode when I visit their website. Hopefully this helps spur some interest and helps readers find some new podcasts to join, comment on and enjoy. If you are a podcast listener make sure to hug your favorite podcaster (and by hug I mean leave a comment, review or email).

Podcast One Episode Review #1 – Time Shifters Podcast
Episode Reviewed “Sure he’s rich, but does he have a podcast?”

If you’re a sci-fi/genre TV or movie fan, this is probably a podcast you’ll really enjoy. One of the things I enjoyed about this episode was the hosts banter included a catch up on their real lives (I personally love the “these folks are my friends” kind of podcasts). The hosts also discuss recent news. In this episode they discuss the Viacom craziness, which I thought was a surprising choice, but I enjoyed that because it does relate to folks who enjoy genre TV as much of it is on cable. They also geek out about Voyager (again, not quite what I expected, but really cool).

After they discuss their personal lives and the news, they go into what they’ve been watching. I love shows like this because, again, it feels like I and my friends sitting around talking about the TV shows we love. I think my one criticism is that this show would benefit from timestamped show notes so I would know when to skip certain parts of shows I’m not watching yet or am behind on.

All in all I give it a real thumbs up for some great geeky information, news and that roundtable feel.

Where to listen:
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/time-shifters/id360286864
Website: http://www.jonja.net/podcast/

Other recommendations:
Listening Order: Start with more recent episodes and work backwards if needed.
Average Episode Length: about an hour