Hank – Does Father Really Know Best? Yes, Yes he Does.

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I’ve often lamented the lame dads on TV these days. Finding an awesome dad in a popular show is the equivelant of Indiana Jones treasure hunt. For awhile it seemed like good father figures were hard to find outside of the occasional diamond in the rough like Keith Mars (Veronica Mars). I’m not saying they have to be “Father Knows Best” style, but real characters who genuinely love their kids and aren’t complete idiots, abusive, or absentee. This is probably because my own dad is so awesome, that it’s hard to see bad fathers on TV.

So when the WB Word of Mouth team asked us to blog about Hank and what the best fatherly advice we’ve received, it got me thinking about fathers on TV. Hank has one of those redemptive father stories that makes him unique (and awesome). Previously wrapped up in his work Hank finds reality set in when he was laid off and moved back to his wife’s home town. Hank realizes that he doesn’t know his kids, or how to relate to them. Yet, Hank tries. And, in the end, that’s what makes great father advice. The genuine desire Hank has to connect and help his kids shows in every scene. Like the scene below:

In this scene Hank has started working at the same place as his daughter, Maddie. In an attempt to teach her the value of hard work and employment after Maddie wants her own computer. While Hank spends most of the epsiode touting the plattitudes of hard work, but it’s not until he’s really honest about his own feelings that he really gets through to her.

My parents have given me a lot of advice over the years, directly or indirectly. It seems like many of the phrases are echoy in my head (just ask my friends how many times I’ve said ‘my dad says..’). The best advice though it all has been the quiet moments where my dad just shares his life. Something about that just makes all of the verbal lessons mean something more.

So, here’s to great dads on TV, characters like Hank, Keith Mars, Richard Castle and Tim Taylor. The world needs more of them, making mistakes, giving great advice and being loved. Especially for all of us who have the world’s greatest dad at home.

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros to help raise awareness for Hank.