Why You Should Watch Due South

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Due South is an award-winning Canadian television police comedy-drama created by Paul Haggis and produced by Alliance Communications, that first aired in 1994. Due South started off as a made-for-TV movie that aired on CTV in Canada and CBS in the United States. After higher-than-anticipated ratings, Due South was turned into a reoccurring TV series – making it the first Canadian-made series to have a prime-time slot on a major US network. The show lasted for four seasons and, despite the show’s rocky reception in the US, it gained world-wide acclaim and has been show in over 150 different countries since first airing.

Due South follows the story of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer – Constable Benton Fraser (played by Paul Gross), who conveniently reiterates the plot of the show several times throughout the series, especially in later seasons when he says, “My name is Constable Benton Fraser. I first came to Chicago on the trail of my father’s killers and, for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, I’ve remained attached as liaison to the Canadian consulate.”

Fraser is the epitome of the stereotypical Mountie – loyal, kind, dependable, truthful and dogged. Many times during the series Fraser’s idealism is tested against Chicago’s corruption and criminal world.

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