Yes Mother: Bates Motel Commentary (No, not that one- the OTHER one)

Now I can’t stress this enough- THIS IS NOT A COMMENTARY OF THE BRILLIANT A&E SHOW BATES MOTEL! It is a commentary of the lesser known, less….uh….good pilot show called Bates Motel made in 1987. It didn’t get picked up, I know– we were all shocked and you will be too after you watch it. Hey! Watch it with us– I can almost guarantee a good time, because Em and Sue spent the evening watching it with Matt A, so you know there were good times and giggling had by all.

We* even made it easy for you: Go to this link:

*By “we” I mean Matt A. who proved himself to be the best podcast guest ever by recording and editing the whole podcast.  And just by being Matt.

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