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IdjitCast Season Eight, Cluster C

It’s time for Cluster C! This week we use our cluster method to talk through Season Eight Episodes 9 and 10, “Citizen Fang” and “Torn and Frayed.”

Annie was unable to join us, but new guest Jason Banks sat in to get into these episodes.

We also got into:

Sad for Annie’s car, glad all people involved fared better.

Really like(d) Chloe…

Proof Darcy posted it first:

No to Sookie, yes to Eric.

Mississippi is not Louisiana.

Aaron was Jimmy, Shawn was Iceman and the earlier villain.

Lazlo is back, and he’s a bit cross.

The writers miss Gordon.

Why not the Pie Shack?

Going deep in pie.

Bugs kid was Real Estate Guy in Grumpy Cat was Samandriel.

HBC pre-terrible.

Missed the wiener torture…

We don’t know Amanda Tapping.

Yvette remembers Bobby these days, but not Mr. Fizzles.

And again Luke Cage.

Spoiler: the super-secret-special guest does show up.

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