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Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E5 “Dreams Die First”

Interesting episode, missing 3 of it’s major players. But can Freddie Highmore carry an episode that lacks 3 of his most dynamic costars? YOU BET HE CAN! And he can do it in a wig and lacy things (even though we sadly have to rely on our imaginations for that- but our imaginations are vast). We are holding out hope we get a flashback! Hope? Nay. DEMAND.
Freddie has some help with the episode though, as this week we get to dig into a pivotal plot from the movie by meeting the long elusive Marion Crane. Join Em and Sue as we discuss this unconventional episode, read your feedback, and manage to spoil: Reservoir Dogs, The Walking Dead and Fight Club (Matt helps us with that one). Good times!

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