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Yes Mother: Bates Motel S4E5: “Refraction” Recap


In this mid season episode, Norma is off to find a stained glass repairman for her non boring window, Emma is a bit insecure around Dylan (until he becomes Quint), Mother introduces herself to Dr. Edwards (whaaa??), Chick and Norma meet(!!), and Rebecca… well, Rebecca is tail spinning into a land called Crazy Exgirlfriendville, seemingly just asking to meet BatmanRomero. Hint: Rebecca- you don’t want to meet BatmanRomero.

La Gata -AKA our sister Cat- escapes the B&B for a bit to join us recapping this episode! Oh, and I totally spoil Sue by disclosing an alleged filming location used in the final ep this season in our spoiler section.

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