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IdjitCast Season Three Episode Thirteen “Ghostfacers!”

This week, a scrappy band of documentarian adventurers experience and record a life changing series of events, one of them dying in the process. Unfortunately a pair of know-it-all brothers swoop in to snag part of the spotlight, then ruin the entire project for our heroes.

Heidi joins a slightly smaller crew this week as we discuss “Ghostfacers!”

(Note for listeners: we will take a week off our release schedule Christmas weekend. “Long Distance Call” will publish in 2016)

Listen along to hear:

Where does one find the third end?

This episode could have been much shorter I guess…


Not a mockumentary, clearly nobody of us has seen “American Movie.”

Fun with degaussers, um, if there were any…

Heidi reads her own feedback email.

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