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Sue Watches Angel #52 (Loyalty, Sleep Tight, Forgiving)

3x16ST1603In these episodes of Angel, the series takes a “slightly” dark turn and leaves us asking- where do we go from here?  Well- let me quantify that: it leaves SUE asking these questions!

First though we have a Cat’s crypt, read some feedback, and discuss the episodes in depth, and we do all that with help from our special guest John Pavlich from Sofa Dogs, Castlecast and Idjitcast.  With John’s help we delve deep into many of the questions that make us say to our brains, “Shhhhhh!…..sleep tight….”.

So basically- we ponder and laugh– you know, the usual.

Here is the link to John’s Go Fund Me page if you wish to drop a few bucks to help support him and his family, cause 2015 sucks!  We all need help to get us through it! #yearofthestrangledcat

Hmm… we really should have made this the Toni Flores Memorial Podcast… cue “Woman”.

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