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Sue Watches Buffy #15 (S4: Doomed-Who Are You)

riley-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-1159775_321_496Here we are. Deep into Season four. Meeting Adam.  Goodbye, Iowa didn’t mean goodbye, Riley.  Yep.  All those things are true.

There are a few bright sides: 1. We are sparing you from dragging this out for 6 weeks, and we discuss these once and done. 2. Spike. 3. *spoiler alert*: someone comes back and her name rhymes with Baith. 4. Ethan Rayne 5. We have guest Bob DeGrande join us!

You join us too- lets support each other. We need it. Next eps covered are 6 Angel eps including Expecting and She. Don’t worry- we rip those off like a band aid too. Sue needs support. She needs to know it gets better and we make up for these dark days…

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