Yes Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast, episode 3, “What’s Wrong With Norman?”

Sorry we are a little late getting our latest episode up, but a little thing called Christmas got in the way. We hope everyone had a great holiday season! Now that it is over Emily and Sue are getting back on track and looking forward to putting out new episodes. Enough about that. In episode 3 of Bates Motel we found out Dylan gets a job helping guard the massive pot field that is running the towns economy. Norman and Emma play detective and find more proof in one of the motel rooms that the girl in the journal is real. Norman faints in Ms. Watson’s class and ends up in the hospital. Dylan and Norman have a bonding moment. Sherrif Romero gets a warrant to search the Bates’ house. We find out Norman kept Keith Summer’s belt and hid it under his bed. Shelby finds the belt and doesn’t tell anyone except Norma. Shelby and Norma get it on and Norman dissaproves. Norman hallucinates a conversation with Norma about getting the belt back from Shelby and the episode ends with Norman breaking into Shelby’s house to look for the belt and instead finds a girl locked up in his basement. Get your vapor couch ready and listen in as Emily and Sue discuss this very exciting episode of Bates Motel.