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BluthCast Episode 3 – Bringing Up Buster

This week we discuss Bringing Up Buster with our first guest host Tabz! This week we find out how John shows his love. Someone becomes the Robin of BluthCast. Tabz explains to the newbies how to properly say, “STEVE HOLT!” And we ask one of the most important questions there is in life what exactly does the cornballer actually make? …Oh, and John hates teenage girls.

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On the Next BluthCast we’ll be discussing Key Decisions!

PS: Kelly Jo here, I just want to apologize for the week delay in the podcast. Sadly Hurricane Irene does not seem to enjoy Arrested Development or BluthCast. But we’re back on our regular schedule now. STEVE HOLT!

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BluthCast is an introcast about the TV show, Arrested Development. The hosts review the show episode by episode with newbies. Send your feedback and love to

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