Supernatural Season 6: See the Softer Side of Dean

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Of course, one of the earliest surprises was Dean’s domesticality (yes, I just made that word up). Dean settled happily into a domestic life (which we saw previously that he was dreaming of for a long time). When Sam and Dean stumble across a baby it’s Dean who is at ease taking care of the kid and not the more sensitive Sam.

Not that I should have been surprised by this softer side of Dean. It’s been obvious from the get go that he’s got a soft spot for kids and, as Sam’s big brother he was cast into the role of parent early on. It reminds me of this article I once read about a rough and tumble biker adopting a baby who was super sick (and no one thought would make it past one year of age). This intense, almost scary looking man became a giant teddy bear with that girl in his arms. Same thing with “bad boy” Dean.

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